Florida Reunion & Keep Website Survey

This survey is two-fold:

As announced at our 50th Reunion,  a Florida reunion was being planned for classmates who live, winter in or vacation in Fl during Ohio's winter months.  Unfortunately, those plans were squelched by CoVid and then damaging hurricanes.  

Our website is due for subscription renewal, which is costly.  Your feedback on whether you utilize the website will be the deciding factor on whether we re-up!  

Please take a minute to respond.  Results will be posted by end of Feb.

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1)   * I live in FL full time, or spend winter months in FL.

Yes No
2)   * I would travel to FL to be attend a mini-reuniion

Yes No
3)   What type of event would motivate you to attend? 1 day event with activities followed by a dinner? Just an evening dinner? An entire weekend event? An event held during the week rather than a weekend?

Let us know your thoughts..
4)   * Should we continue with the www.bedford69.com website?

Yes No
5)   Should the Yearly Golf Outing & Get Together continue?

Yes No
6)   Do you LogIn to the Class website to update your profile , email classmates, post memories or pictures, or browse the site?

Yes No
7)   * Would you like to see this website continue? Do you use it to stay in touch with classmates, email each other, etc?

This survey ended on 02/15/2024.