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02/12/21 12:24 PM #64    

Ed McElhiney

For those of you looking to get vaccinated a friend of my wife gave us info on getting it at Rite Aid and I just got off of the website. We are both signed up to get the shot tomorrow 2 miles from our house. It is their COVID qualifier questionnaire you fill out. If you qualify which all of us do you get to pick your day and time at a choice of Rite Aid stores. Hope that helps.


02/13/21 10:51 AM #65    

Bob Richardson

I have friends that successfully tried a different approach. They would go to their local drugstore that gives the vaccinations at the end of the day and ask if they have any available. It doesn't work every time, but if you get your first vaccint, the schedule you for the second while you wait.

02/14/21 02:15 PM #66    

Rosanne Piazza (Moldvay)

I signed Chuck & I up with our Portage County health dept in mid January.  They emailed Chuck and he went last Saturday (he's 70) and they called me mid week and I went yesterday.  We both got the Moderna vaccine. My arm is a little sore and I have a headache on and off today.  I had tried several other websites and couldn't get through to make an appointment so was very happy when the Health Dept contacted us.  We were told the supply is limited because they started vaccinating the teachers in Ohio.  We're very happy to have gotten in.  I lost my brother and my dad to Covid this past summer and our daughter in law's grandfather in November.





02/15/21 08:56 PM #67    

Ed McElhiney

Rosanne very sorry for the loss of your loved ones. I am glad that you and your husband got your shots the more people that get vaccinated the sooner this terrible virus will be over. My wife and I also got the Moderna vaccine on Saturday she had light headedness and muscle aches, for me nothing not even a sore arm kind of wierd. Again my condolences to you and your family stay safe.


02/16/21 10:38 AM #68    

Judi LeLoup


I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, father and daughter in law's grandfather.  My deepest sympathies.  It's never ever easy to lose a loved one.

Bless you,


02/16/21 11:44 AM #69    


Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

Dear Rosanne,

So very sorry for your losses. I cannot fathom the amount of grief these encompass. Having lost my father-in-law and both parents in the last few years, I can somewhat imagine, but still, so sorry Co-vid took so many of your loved ones! Stay safe, and hope we can all get vaccine as soon as possible. Sending prayers of peace your way! 
Love & blessings,


02/16/21 04:56 PM #70    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

oh Dear Rosanne, I just saw this!  How devasting for you to endure all these losses.  im so so sorry.  i wish i could turn the clock back, hearing so much sad news it seems, like a nightmare.  Praying for peace .

love ♥ sandy

02/16/21 05:01 PM #71    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

As far as the Vac, i am waiting on Cleveland Clinic, they said they will notify me thru 'My Chart'.  Due to other body complications, (lol, yes kinda got old)  i want to be at Hillcrest when given my shot.  Anyway, Dale got his first one at the Veterans Hosp in Parma.  His arm was sore (typically) for 2 days, however the second nite he got chills, headache and feverish.  he is ok now and glad that is over with, cant wait for his second shot! He got the pfizer.


02/17/21 10:16 AM #72    

Bob Richardson

Roseanne, so sorry for your losses.

05/02/21 03:52 PM #73    


Jeff Miller

Its been averaging over 90 since late April. I'm about burned up and melted. I just bought a new Fiat, my fourth,they have great air conditioning.  My wife Karin, who  has been in Bellagio, off Lake Como recently says it doesn't matter. The whole  TOMATO over here is HOT Too!  All I can say is we gotta change this here climate ting'   I've hah four surgeries year. I'd like to golf this year yet ,if I can walk or see,  i will try to be at Punderson. Just an old 69er !    (I got Chris Bobby's putter to break in, after all)

05/03/21 07:45 AM #74    

Bob Richardson

Nice to hear from you, Jeff. But I think I'm missing the context for your comment.

Hope all is well!

08/08/21 09:57 PM #75    

Jane Horner (Quilter)

Hope at this point that everyone who wants the vaccine has received it.

Wishing all of you a chance to escape it.  Our 20-yr.-old granddaughter  (unvaccinated)  had it and had some serious complications several weeks later- irregular heartbeat, suspected blood clot in lung, but her mom, who is a nurse, got her straight to emergency..  She is okay now. But her Nana is still uneasy about being in crowds, especially with the surge of delta, so I will not be at the dinner following the golf outing this year.  Will miss you all and please let me know in whose memory this year's golf outing is.  


09/11/21 02:19 PM #76    


Jeff Miller

I've been working on getting my legs back under me.  Starting to throw down the my cane more often.  Walking around the neighborhood  with  my 120lb. lab "brighty." She is afraid  of about everything.  Since Karin got back from  Italy, we have been  trying to see more of  Virginia.  We even found 'corned beef", good pizza, and good seafood down here in this mid-atlantic "food desert".  Hopefully. We  will  find more than 100 degree days, Walmart, and and Anti- Vaccers, down here too.  Makes you look forward  to the noise all the low flying  helicopters make looking for empty houses to rent to  the Afghanis'.   Enjoy the rest of summer. we can still get get into the 90ties in October!  Enjoy Ohio, while you can!

09/12/21 11:03 AM #77    

Bob Richardson

Hey, Jeff, I've got a couple spare legs if that would help LOL.

12/07/22 01:37 PM #78    


Jeff Miller

Happy Birthday to the baby of the class of 1969.  You aren't the only one legged "alum",I lost my "left" to diabetes in April. Kinda sucks.          Jeff  M.

12/22/22 04:45 PM #79    


Chris Heston

Dear Friends,

So, here’s an odd way to start,

I spent a little time recently watching a few movies I hadn’t seen in a spell. The one I’m gonna talk about now is “Tombstone." Have y'all seen it? Might’ve been one of the best westerns ever, prolly was Val Kilmer’s best flick and that’s saying something. Spoiler alert: towards the end and right before the last actual gunfight, Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) was having a bedside conversation with his ailing and in reality gravely ill friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) This is roughly how the script went when they were speaking about one of the main antagonists:

Wyatt Earp: What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?Doc Holliday: A man like Ringo's got a great empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.

WE: What does he need?

DH: Revenge.

WE: Revenge for what?

DH: For bein’ born.

Speaking of not so nice guise,...

It’s about this dude from Tarsus, which from a map standpoint is a pretty furr distance from Germany. And this guy may not have had a whole lot of money either ‘cause I guess he couldn’t afford a hoss or even a beat up Volkswagen, so he had to roll around on a donkey. So! Anywhich dude was on his way to Damascus and wouldn’t you know it, a lightning bolt or something came right out of the sky, which at once knocked him off his aß which caused him to land on, well, his aß. Leastwise that’s how I heard it. As this story of Saul goes, to say he wadn’t a nice guy is an understatement, amongst other things he sat idly by whilst an innocent man was executed, and he had some other folks put in jail simply for going to church.

Annnnd this is as far as I…….

Got when I first started this a day or two ago. Then a really bizarre thing happened- I’m having some really weird network issues. Literally every device I have connected to my fiber world got root kitted or something, and every Apple anything I own is bricked. About the only thing I’ve got working right now is this old laptop that I loaded with Ubuntu and even it acts like it’s on safe mode, and on an air card with lousy reception. I’m not complaining about that part since right now it’s about my only link left to civilization. I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be even possible but here I am trying to sort it out. Funny thing is, I thought I was relatively computer savvy, but these days? I’m like a grandpa with a VHS. I know I’ll suss it all out sooner or later but I have a feeling a visit to the Apple store is in my future, which should be a real fun place to be just ahead of Christmas.

Right after Thanksgiving this year…

K says to me we gots to overdo it with Christmas glitter and lights in the yard. Like err'body else, she's seen that Clark Griswald movie and on toppa that she knows I’m a sucker for extremes so I’m thinking well OK kewl, err, wait, your crazy cousin isn’t planning to show up, right? What she really meant was she wanted me to go to on a safari to Home Depot and score every light in the place whilst she sipped a latte on the couch and hogged all the big pillows. After I got back from the big orange box place, yeah buddy we gots lots of decorations and this is gonna be oh so, so lit and I’m all over it. So! I’m climbing up and down this ladder, stringing lights and I start out feeling skippy. In front of my house I noticed there were a few chirren going up and down the street in this little battery powered car, I remember thinking at the time ‘Gee that would’ve been a been a lot of fun when I was a kid!’  Well, maybe not quite as cool as one of those go-karts we weren’t allowed to have for the longest time but hey. After awhile though, I’m startin' ta get tired, this ain’t going up as quick as I thought it would, and wouldn’t you know it I stepped in a big pile of fire ants - which means I need to change clothes pronto and pour vinegar all over myself. Next thing you know I’m back at it outside trying to untangle all these lights, there’s knotted up wires and dropped extension cords everywhere, confound it why ain’t some of these silly things working? Fumbling around with those little plastic clips that go on the gutters but you need 3 hands while balancing on the top step. Not only that but this ladder I’m climbing up and down and jockeying six feet at a time for some reason is an awful lot heavier than it was last year. If that ain’t enough, at the time we were in the middle of a hot spell and it was even worse in the sun. Now it's getting a little late in the day, I’m nowhere near as good at this as I used to be, I’m tired from schlepping this ladder, hot, sweaty, with ant bites all over me, not feeling’ the love and It was right about then two of the children playing outside, couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5, walked a few steps up my driveway, looked at me and with absolutely the sweetest and most sincere voice said “Can we do anything to help you?” Talk about melt your heart! Remind me to be a little more generous with the Halloween candy next year. 

Sorry this ended up bein’ so breezy….

Have I mentioned it’s my favorite time of year? Very many times? No doubt like everyone else, maybe the best Christmases were either as a child, or spending it with children either your own or grand children, altho sharing time with inlaws these days complicates that calculus. Strangers are nicer to each other. Even cranky people have less edge to ‘em and manage to crack a smile ever onced in awhile. Time to get the honey out and put the vinegar away. Maybe too it’s like Thanksgiving, cause it’s one of those odd things that make you feel good without the super secret high falootin elixirs. It's a reminder for me at least that literally anything is possible in God’s world. That feller Saul? Ended up changing his name to Paul, and with God’s help he became one of the most well-known and respected men and greatest writers in all of history. A few years ago I wrote a little diddy about ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ Thing is, sometimes it's like all you hear is one war after another, all the discontent, seems like there’s no shortage of Mildred Ratcheds in life, Lawd help us all if you run into the next Johnny Ringo. Best I can do is stay in my own lane and away from the negativity and try to look be grateful for lifes’ blessings. Because you never know, at any given time God will send a couple of little angels to help you with your lights and cheer you up when you’re feeling a bit discouraged, I just need to pay attention. If you’ve made it this far reading I really appreciate it, it’s been fun doing these over the years and I’m so honored that I can still call y’all friends after all this time. Err’body hunker down, by the sounds of things it’s gonna get nasty cold, even this far south. Oh, one more thing, if you hear that somebody in south Texas melted the power grid in some power surge lithium fire, it really wadn’t my fault!  :)  Merry Christmas, happy celebrating another lap around the sun, and as always May God Bless,


12/23/22 09:55 AM #80    

Bob Richardson

Thanks for another great story/message/note, Tex. I enjoy and really appreciate them and I'm sure the rest of the Great and Fine Class of '69 does as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

~ (Birthday) Bob

12/24/22 04:00 PM #81    


Barbara Berger (Turvey)

This Christmas more than ever, the world needs the kindness and gentle hearts of those 4 or 5 year olds. Thanks Chris for writing and sharing. Merry Christmas Cuz to You, Kathy and Family.

AND, Merry Christmas Dear Class of '69!

03/23/23 11:42 AM #82    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

Hey yall.... we have no 2023 chatter yet, so let me start by saying Happy 2023 to everyone and how is everyone doing??   Im ok minus a few aches and pains i am not gonna complain! Im walking, Im talking and best of all i can still go SHOPPING... LOL.... we had a trip planned for AZ but at the last minute before leaving for the airport our flight got cancelled.  What a fiasco getting our $ returned for everything EXcept the flight home .  American Airlines just gave us a credit to use within a year, thanks bunches Frontier Airlines for ruining our trip, they could have least cancelled before our suitcases were packed and in the car ready to go!  ha!

Wishing everyone good heath.............

love yooz 


04/02/23 12:46 AM #83    


Chris Heston

So! A few days ago I'm at home and someone was blowing up my phone using a number I didn’t recognize. Anyone else get tired of those? I’m usually not dumb enough to answer calls like those but this was one of those “Oh well why not moments" so I picked up. Some feller with broken English mumbled around a bit and finally said “Do you need help with dealing with Medicare and dealing with pain?" I answered, 'the biggest pain I have is dealing with unwanted calls like this one.’ Next thing I heard was CLICK.


Sorry y’all , that’s the best “April Fools” joke I could come up with on short notice this year. :)

04/02/23 11:14 PM #84    

Howard Rhoad

Funny stuff, Chris 

10/16/23 10:57 AM #85    


Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

Now that Gene Smith is in the news again (imminent retirement from his position of Athletic Director at Ohio State), I wondered whether he was listed in the Bedford Hall of Fame. I searched the list, and from what I can see he is not. His Ohio State resume listed that he graduated from Bedford High School. When I was admin in the College of Business, he and his wife taught a class for our department, The Business of College Sports, a VERY popular class! Anyway, so that's how I came to review his. I had to ask him about that, so he told me he went to Chanel High School back in the day. Since Chanel is now part of BHS, he listed Bedford as his alma mater. I told him my friends and I used to love the Friday night dances at Chanel! He jokingly said, oh, no, don't remind me! Not sure why, but he also asked me not to tell his wife about them. Anyway, I'm wondering if he should be considered for the Bedford Hall of Fame? Or perhaps not, since he most likely actually graduated from Chanel? But maybe he should have a mention? He certainly made a name for himself, and became a very successful person in the world of university sports!

UPDATE: This was just on our local news, click on  the link if you are interested in learning more about Gene Smith's career:

Obie's Breakfast Club convened for the final installment of 2023 with Ohio State Vice-President and Director of Athletics Gene Smith as the featured guest.

Smith and The Football Fever analyst Obie Stillwell, a former Buckeye linebacker, covered Smith's journey from high school at Bedford Chanel to Notre Dame football player to four jobs as a college athletic director, including stops at Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, Arizona State and finally 19 years at Ohio State.

12/12/23 10:25 PM #86    


Jeff Miller

Happy Birthday to the baby of the 'class of 1969!  Happy Birthday to Jane and Arch, and their precious progeny ...Bobby!   




12/23/23 01:06 AM #87    


Chris Heston

Dear Friends,

I never quite know how get out of the starting gate on these, you know how it is when you cain’t seem to get in the zone? That’s not very reassuring I know, so I guess iI’ll do what yer supposed do after putting up Christmas decorations: ya check your batteries, throw the breaker and hope the lights will come on, right? Think of it as a little walk all the way around the beach ball just to see the different colors. Speakin of lights, at Casa Chris I put up nowhere near the number of lights compared to last year. I hope Cousin Eddie won’t be too disappointed either but I just don’t have the horsepower I used to have and the docs told me not to go climbing too high up ladders any more. I hates it really. Whenever I think about doing something like that even my dog will look at me with his head cocked slightly akimbo as if to say, aaahhh, no. So, this year it’s out with a lot of the lights and in with some boring fake 7 foot granny tree and one of those blow-up Santas on the front lawn. Perfekt. So. How was your year? One of the highlights of mine was attending a fambly wedding in Ohio. Picture this, I’m boarding a flight with the whole fam damily, I’m thinking we weren’t quite as annoying as Grizwalds goin' to Europe or anything but no doubt some of the passengers on this giant Pringle tube may not have been so enthusiastic seeing myself, K, my daughter and the grandkids and car seats and a stroller and 2 carryons each coming down the aisle on the adult version of Barbie’s Fun Jet. Oh wells. As another aside, If I ever see something like that I’ll try to help out because, well, if you’ve ever been a parent you’ve been there. 

People tried to put us down…...

So, lucky duck me that trip also included a visit to Chez Sirnas to meet some of y’all for burger night. Course, to get there on time I had to do 80 on 80 but, hey. A definite reminder- there really is nowhere better in the whole wide world than in a good place with good friends, and I have to admit being a bit jealous of the locals from time to time for that. Coppin’ vibes in there, yo. In all seriousness, it was great seeing so many 69ers and I tried to talk to as many as I could before everybody skedaddled. Coupla other funny things happened while in the Cleve that I never thought woulda, Willie Nelson of all people was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so was Dolly Parton even though she asked them not to. That alone should be some kind of Vince McMahon meme, huh or was I the only one who noticed.

Just because we get around…….

Now here’s one I just remembered. Years ago my uncle employed a fellow to do sorta handy work around this little spread he had in the valley. Slow leaker he wuz, but he knew how to entertain kids. A time or twice I along with my two cousins would pile into the back of his ratty pickup and he would take us to the feed store or some such, where I suppose he was auditing income tax returns. Sorry. Anywhut, this feller took us down some icky sticky dirt roads, speeding outrageously, fishtailing back and forth, bouncing us up and down and slinging us around pretty hard. The sort of cheek-puckering ride boys love. Turns out we were pretty tough after all. I think my uncle fired the guy quicker'n you can get dry cleaning done, in retrospect I think maybe dad may have had something to do with that too and of course once you have kids you certainly understand why he was run off.

I’m not trying to cause a big sensation…...

OK, so I’m gonna throw out a 2000 year old story written by a feller named John because, well, it’s that season. Maybe you believe it, and then again maybe not. That’s your bidness either way but here goes because I do. Back in the day when he was getting real popular Jesus had quite a few friends and followers. The story goes his friend Lazarus had died and had been in a tomb for four days. Anywhich, he had a group roll away the stone in front of the tomb and then he called his friend by name, saying ‘Lazarus! Lazarus come out!’ It's good darned thing he called him by name, because there’s no telling how many might have come out otherwise. Quite the apparition, nonetheless. Well this is the season, and miracles are no small part of what its about, have a little faith, wait to see how God works out the show cause he knows what his job is better than I do - and walk free.

Guess we didn’t die before we got old…….

Here’s the burning question part. OK, so why are so many of us still around when a lot of our friends aren't? Could it have been because we knew when to say no, when to stop, when too much was too much?  Well, I’m not too sure about that, maybe it’s true in y’alls case but I’m not sure about that in my case. Does God flip a coin? Not ascribing malevolent intent, of course, but it sure seems there's a random calculus at work in the universe. Sometimes we are lucky, sometimes not so much. So, is it a lucky gene, or maybe it’s a cain’t kill it hillbilly gene that no matter what you do yer harder to kill off. Yeah, yeah I know it’s borne out to be a question without a great answer. Fortuna spins her wheel of fortune, mayhaps? I’m a danged lucky man right now.

Things they do look awful c-c-cold….

Like err’body else this is prob’ly my favorite time of year, a kewl chance for reflection, introspection and memories of times gone by. Memories? Any Ellenwood kid can tell you exactly where Day’s hill is. As kids during the winter after a good snowfall, we’d climb to the top of that hill, and look for the sweet spot which would get keep you rippin’ and roarin’ down hill fast enough to make it all the way to the creek. How long ago was that? Dwight Eisenhower was President, and they were teaching us how to hide under our desks, that’s how long. Remember those little Christmas rings we did in school? Long paper chains looped around the room, we’d use ‘em to count how many days until Christmas, kinda everychild’s Advent calendar. Don’t think they do that anymore either. Sweet old world when you're getting nostalgic ain’t it? Remember those life insurance policies? They’d give us paperwork the first day of class, and you'd better take it home to dad. I think for $5 a year you were covered at school, for $10 you were covered 24/7. Double indemnity for accidental death baby! Tort reform was a distant issue. Yeah, man the age of vinyl! Long may the memory live. 

Just because we get around….

Most Moody kids remember the Chagrin Roller rink, right about then we also sat around one of those little Black & White TV sets to see everyone standing in line to see President Kennedy’s casket lying in state in the Capital Rotunda. We didn’t quite grasp it then but there was an eery sense that things we not ever going to quite be the same. Next thing you know, Viet Nam was cooking and it’s on to the big school. There’s a whole lot I’m skipping in the middle and of course please feel free to fill in the blanks any way you’d like but we sure left good ‘ole BHS with a bang. Or was that a BOOM, Clifford wherever you are. And before the paint even had a chance to dry there was the Rock caper. Yeah, THAT rock caper.

Why don’t you all…..

Remember the 10 year, and if you missed it or don’t want to admit you were there, it’s safe now because, well, statute of limitations. Wadn’t that about the same time the whole Don Henly jailbait thing went down?  I digress. I know what you’re thinking - that I’m trying to bury the lede and ya caught me but oh yeah- m-m-my generation baby. OK, so after the main soiree was over (sez the rumor mill) a large contingent allegedly went to some night club in Akron, does anyone remember the name of the place? It’s a widely accepted fact most everywhere the real party doesn’t start until after closing time and I’m not gonna rat anyone out other than to say it finally ended around daybreak. Was that our high water mark who knows but didja ever notice some of the funniest stories tend to involve very questionable uses of judgement? Just sayin.’ Things got a bit more tame after that, I’ll always remember Walton Hills picnics with Mary Ann and Howard cooking and the rest of us? We ate like we just got out of jail.

Don’t try to dig what we all say…...

The story goes..a man goes down to the beach right after a big storm and it must’ve been a real mollywhomper too ‘cause in the aftermath there’s literally millions of these absolutely beautiful starfish that were washed ashore. Well, being sea creatures they’ll all die unless they get back in the water pronto somehow- but how? There’s just sooo many. So this guy starts slinging a few of them back, one at a time. A stranger saw this and said to the man “Why are you doing that, there’s so many and what you’re doing can’t possibly make any difference!" Replies the first man, “Well it makes a difference to this one” as he tossed it in the water. Tie your shoelaces troops! We’ve still got some good miles left to go.

F-fade away….

Dang this thing ended up being longer than Yellowstone. I hope this Christmas season finds you healthy and good spirits, and you get to spend as much time as possible with those you care about. Time passes so quickly, doesn’t it in between the miles and sunsets and honky tonks and golf outings and cigars and YMCA dances and dogs and pans of cornbread and trips down Southgate Blvd and John Mirande sandwiches and leather jackets and Grateful Dead songs. It ain’t like I’m an emotional Jedi or anything, neither do I get into a whole bunch of help-me-I’m-melting drama (even tho trying to stay drama free is hard) but I’ve got what seems like three lifetimes worth of memories that are at least four blocks north of my wildest dreams that I neither earned or deserved but gratefully accepted. I may fracture the King's English. And I’ve got an occasional potty-mouth problem. But oh my we did some good stuff together. I’m really grateful for having quite a few of y’all in my life along the way. What I wouldn’t give for another ride down Day’s Hill. Or in the back of that old pickup. Or better still, Emmett Brown's DeLorean. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these over the years, and its a great honor and a privilege knowing some of y’all were reading it, and I can’t even begin to thank you enough for it. And I hope to see some of youse guise sooner rather than later. To paraphrase George Strait, the last goodbyes are the hardest ones to say: I think this is where the cowboy rides away. For unto us a son is born! Merry Christmas to all, be ready for the miracle, and as always, May God Bless!


12/23/23 01:38 AM #88    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

wow. Tex!!! you hit soooo  many memories,,, I think the funniest was the Clifford Bang at Graduation and I called him today from our 69er Christmas gathering, everyone got to yell at him,,, He said he would be there, but ya, ya know our Clifford!!  Also the John Mirande sandwiches, like wow,, Judy his daughter was one of my besties back in the day, so i knew John well... that man was a Trip!  Anyhoooo would have loved to see you tonite, but it sure was great to see ya Balogna nite this past year at Sirna;s!!   Keep up the good work, You and Family have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2024....♥

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