In Memory

Mike Majercik

There were....

few names on our memorial list that stunned me more than Mike's. Through the
miracles of technology, Heidi and I kept in touch with him after the- (was it
the 20th or 25th?) reunion. I'm not sure exactly when his health started to
deteriorate but he had more things wrong with him than a lab rat. He had open
heart surgery, summer of 97 I think it was. Course, he was diabetic and had to
take insulin regularly. He had kidney problems which I think is what he
eventually succumbed to - If I remember this right he was on the transplant list
until it got to the point where it wadn't an option. Towards the end he had
surgery once or twice to remove part of his foot. On toppa all of that he
underwent dialysis treatments 3 times a week which of course would be a
butt-kicker all on it's own. In spite of all that he was very upbeat, very proud
of his son Drew - who by now cain't be more'n 5 or 6 years old. Prolly the
saddest part of the whole deal is the fact Drew won't get a chance to know first
hand what a remarkably gifted person his dad really was. Mike lived only a block
away from me when I was on Wandle, and if memory serves me correct, he
eventually bought a house on Wandle before moving to Bay Village. (My memory
hasn't been working too well lately, but my forgetter is working great!) In
spite of the fact that our class was a little Balkanized, I don't know of anyone
who ever didn't like Mike, and I know I'm a better person for having known him.
And so are you. A class act, and a trustworthy friend. Fly on Eagle! Yer free at

Chris Heston




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Lauren Greitzer

Oh my gosh, what in the world was there not to love about Mike Majercik? He was just the best, kindest, funniest, most humble, affirming guy imaginable. I don't think I ever had one, single solitary conversation with Mike -- and there were a lot of conversations over the years -- when Mike didn't find some way to sneak in a kindness. I mean, he was a sneaky one ... you'd think you were just having a chat, or goofing around, or a heart to heart (Mike was a great heart-to-hearter) but he would find some way to make you feel good about yourself. He'd sneak in tiny little affirmations, thoughtfulnesses, esteem builders. With some people, it's all about them. Mike always made it all about you. And he could make me laugh like crazy, too. But boy, was he ever talented! He sat right in front of me in Mrs. Morean's Honor's English class and let me tell you, Mrs. Morean loved (LOVED) Dostoyevsky who wrote The Brothers Karamazov (and she loved to tell us about this - a lot). It was so amazing, to sit behind Mike, because he'd doodle away on paper the whole time she was teaching, those amazing drawings of his, (yes, of COURSE I snooped over his shoulder to see what he was drawing) But every so often, he'd raise his hand and say something absolutely brilliant. Spot on. He was doodling and taking it all in at the same time. I, like everybody else on planet BHS, liked Mike a lot. In fact, I admired him like crazy. And I just now remembered something else about Mike. He was a world class hugger. We all kind of hugged people in high school, but when Mike hugged you, you knew you'd been hugged. He put some oomph into his hugs. Just like he did his life. He left us way too soon, and that makes me really sad, but that Mike, that Eagle, I'll just bet that wherever he is, he's still hugging. With oomph. From me, to you, Mike. You're remembered in my heart.

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