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Willliam Krause

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04/17/09 09:03 PM #2    

Margaret Gardner (Hollingsworth)

Once every year at the anniversary of JFK's death in Dallas, I am reminded of Billy. It was Bill Krause who sat across from me in art on that fateful day and as we were finishing a mosaic, over the loudspeaker came the words "the president has been shot". Billy and I looked up at one another and as everyone silently walked out of Moody that day, I walked out next to Bill - neither one of us talking. That is one day and one classmate I will never forget. We miss you Billy, Muggs

05/18/09 01:36 PM #3    

Jeanne Kovich (Pankratz)

Billy was always in my homeroom. He was a great guy. He was so nice to me. I always thought he was so cute. He was well liked and funny. I think I said about 20 people were funny. I guess because we were all young and free.
God Bless you Billy. Miss you Billy.

09/23/09 12:52 AM #4    

Lauren Greitzer

I have so many memories of my relationship with Bill, and I remember all of them with tears in my eyes - either from laughing so hard, or because I miss Billy so much. The simple truth of the matter is that Bill was the brother I never had. He was family. He was home. He was the yin to my yang. We knew the very best of each other and the worst of each other, and it was ok with us. I have so many pictures of him! In some he's just looking like his handsome well-groomed self, and in others, he's totally goofy, zany, nutty, Billy. By the way, Danny, that lodge was out Aurora/Twinsburg way. I was there so many times, but I was never the one driving, and I think I was too busy laughing like crazy in the back seat to pay attention to exactly where Billy was going - at least until he blew out his dad's transmission AGAIN. Billy was a very creative and imaginative driver, to say the least. Does anyone remember Billy and Wally Grobelny and me doing our strobe-light skit as "Dudley Doright, Snidely, and Fair Nell" in the Senior talent show?

02/24/16 06:24 AM #5    

Louise Hocevar (Vanek)

Posted with permission by the author, Lauren Greitzer Walker:

Since I'm obviously on a sentimental roll. I just have to post this since I told you about how blessed I was to have so many of the best girlfriends a teenage girl could ever hope to have. I loved all of them, and they loved me right back, and we stuck together through thick and thin, and they truly shaped my life and character, and so strongly influenced the person I grew up to be. But there's someone else who did all those same things, too, an...d was the brother I never had. He was my best boy friend. He was smart as all get-out, he was hands down the funniest and funnest person I've ever known, he was loyal and kind and outrageous in the best possible ways, and so darn handsome it was just ridiculous, and every single Bedford, Ohio friend who reads this will tell you I am telling you the truth. He was my soulmate, my confidante, my favorite person. Apart from being a terrible lab partner in Chemistry (he took great joy in blowing up all our lab experiments, it was a wonder we even passed that class our Senior year), but apart from that, I thought he was perfect. These pictures show us on Halloween in 1968. My mom let him wear her pink silk kimono and put makeup and a wig on him, and I was a safari hunter, though I have no idea what one had to do with the other. Nevertheless we had a blast at the party we went to, and my family's Bassett hound's life was spared thanks to the pleading of the cutest little geisha girl you ever saw. He went on to Ohio State, and I headed to Ohio U., but we kept in touch and visited each other at our respective colleges. After he graduated, he went to law school and then headed to San Francisco to practice law. I wish I could think of some better way to tell you how much I love him and to honor him, but I can't, so I will simply say, rest peacefully knowing you are remembered, Bill Krause. You were one of a kind, and I am grateful to and for you. There is a place in my heart where you will live forever.


02/25/16 11:02 AM #6    

Jane Horner (Quilter)

Thanks for warming my heart today.

                                                                       Jane Quilter

02/25/16 02:38 PM #7    

Judi LeLoup

I am crying....this touched me so much.  God Bless and God Speed to Bill.  There are so many close friendships that came from us all being brought together at BHS!  What an amazing conglomeration of wonderful people!  Hugs and love to you all.

02/25/16 02:46 PM #8    

Lauren Greitzer



You are very welcome, Janie. You, too, Judi. (I also agree with every word you wrote, Jude.) it think was so nice of you, Louise, to ask me if you could post the memories of Billy I posted on Facebook recently. Thank you, dear Louise. I'm really honored. 




02/25/16 03:53 PM #9    

Mary Ann Schneider

Wow, just speechless! Those were some days and it seems like yesterday we were all laughing and living life to the fullest! What a special guy and special time!

Bearcats forever,

Mary Ann


02/25/16 05:07 PM #10    

Marilyn DiCenzi

Oh Lord what a special guy! Reading all your many heartfelt memories brought me to tears.

God bless
Love DiCenz

02/25/16 08:32 PM #11    

Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

im so impressed with all of this and i have to say, i regret that i did not know him, not at all, and that is my loss, i see that now, God Bless Bill, what a special soul!


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