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05/17/09 01:09 AM #28    

Chris Heston

Yer fears are unfounded. The sky is very, very big, and the planes, by comparison, are very, very small.

click here for traffic stop

08/19/09 02:44 PM #29    

Julie Rue (Holland)

Of course it's an excellent Website, my dad married Chris's mom a couple years ago so he is my step brother! Someone, even if it is extended family has to make up for my computer challenged mind. Isn't it a small world!

08/20/09 04:04 PM #30    

Richard Ivars

What is the weather supposed to be like in September in Ohio? Should I pack my longjohns? It has been averaging 95 degrees here in Arkansas with humidity hovering around 100%. I will bring my "SOOWEEE PIG" boxers though.

08/26/09 10:41 PM #31    

Chris Heston

Hi Rick. 



09/20/09 02:44 PM #32    

Janis Dick (White)

Dear Committee for the 40th! It was great! I had such a good time all 3 days. You guys did a wonderful job and it was so nice to see everyone! Looking forward to more! Jan

09/20/09 09:35 PM #33    

Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

you are so right Jan, It was the PERFECT!!! I havent figured out how to UPload my pics in here yet, will wait for Tex to help me, but check out our Yahoo site, They are uploaded in there now, lots of Great Pics.....enjoy
love y'all

09/21/09 10:09 PM #34    

Jackie Zito (DiCarro)

Just want to tell all of you how great the reunion was. Had a great time seeing friends and dancing!
You all did a fablous job in planning it all. Thanks again, Jackie (Zito) DiCarro

09/22/09 06:20 AM #35    

Lynn Spitalsky (Rhoad)

3 picture perfect days....can you imagine????
We so enjoyed it all. Right from the 1st planning meeting to the end result.....
It was great seeing everyone.
Howard & Lynn

09/23/09 01:16 AM #36    

Lauren Greitzer

Date: Tuesday September 21, 2009 Diagnosis: Severe case of post-reunion blues Prognosis: Survival Recommendation: Listen to Class of '69 CD 2x/daily Prescription: Count blessings There's nothing I can say which hasn't already been said. I have no words to convey my joy and appreciation for the unexpected good fortune of being with my BHS classmates to celebrate our 40th year away from the hallowed halls of BHS, which we shared together every day for 3 years. To say the class of '69 is the best falls so far short. To say a heartfelt thank you to those who worked so hard to make it possible for someone like me to breeze in and enjoy their efforts doesn't even come close to what's in my heart. How so many amazing, wonderful, warm, welcoming, fun people could possibly wind up in one graduating class flies in the face of logic. But they did. We are great. We are fine. We are and always will be, the BHS Class of '69. And it just doesn't get any better than that. I had the time of my life. Laurie

09/24/09 11:41 AM #37    

Richard Ivars

This was a great event, my hat is off to the planning committee for all their hard work. I have included a link to the pictures that I took...Saturday night, as the lubricant flowed you can see how they went.....enjoy. Pictures I took

09/25/09 04:00 PM #38    

Sandra Geraci (Geraci)


Thanks again for the 40th reunion. Just got back in town from Las Vegas. Very well planned. Hope to be back soon. Take care. Sandra Geraci

09/26/09 01:13 PM #39    

Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

Rich, thank you, I was wondering if anyone got shots of our dancing at the end, yours are great! to say that was so much fun is putting it mildly, I think everyone had a blast!

for those of you in town for the Holidays, check back please we always have our Holiday Get together between Christmas and New Years somewhere local

As Laurie put it as nobody can, that says it all, talk about being blessed, we truly are...Love you all

sandy shaia shimshock

09/27/09 10:33 PM #40    

Glenn Rausch

WOW! Looks like the reunion was a blast. Damn I wish I could have made it. I seen alot of photos taken and everyone looks great! Hope to see more posted. I am going to try and make it up there in the next two months. I'll let everyone know and maybe some can make it to Sirna's for a drink or two. First round is on me.

09/30/09 05:27 PM #41    

Tom Mazzone

Hi All, There was lots of discussion at the reunion about getting together again periodically throughout the year. One kinda quirky but definitely fun thing that goes on once a month is meeting at Sirna's on the first Monday of the month for a Bedford delicacy from our youth, fried baloney sandwiches. Try it with coleslaw and fries piled on top! Be there this Monday, Oct 5 after 7PM. Hope to see some new faces. Tom

09/30/09 10:23 PM #42    

Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

First time I've seen the message forum - great posts, great memories, great class! Laur, loved your "prescription" (but hope the blues part is gone by now). So sorry we could only make the Saturday night shindig, but wow it was SO much fun. Wish we had way more time; seems like I only had a 5-min conversation and every minute was turning around to see another face and blast from the past. Ditto on kudos to the reunion committee; you guys did an AWESOME job!!! Love & hugs, and see you next time around, Heidi

10/04/09 07:49 PM #43    

Bob Richardson

Hey guys, based on feedback I received I created a web site for the Aim for Spain trip There's almost nothing there.

If you go to you'll see the pages I'm trying to create. But I need help.

I'm sure I have photos and info in a box somewhere, but I have no idea where that would be. If anyone can help with names, places, activities and especially photos, that would be great! Thanks.

10/08/09 12:26 AM #44    

Cheryl Hardy (Davison)

Hey Classmates!
Don't know how many of you even remember me, but I sure remember a lot of you. It's so wonderful to find this website. Stinks I found it a week after the reunion. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Well, it's time to start the countdown until the next one. At least one of your lost is now found. Strange, I didn't even know I was lost. Although, there are some who think I've lost my mind when I have those blonde senior moments or when I'm watching 7 of my grandchildren at the same time. They are sooooo full of energy. Life is great! Would love to hear from those who do remember who I am. Those of you I've already had communications's been awesome!! Look forward to keeping in touch and going to some of the unofficial gatherings. Great job on the website Chris!!

10/18/09 12:50 PM #45    

Dr. Alan Palgut

Hey Cheryl,

Did you get my last e-mail ?? Make sure that you send me and post your two son's APO address when they get posted in Afganistan next year. I will send them some CARE packages and I am sure that some of your other BHS'69 clasmates will do the same. I always like CARE package when I was overseas.


03/11/10 11:35 PM #46    

Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

would you believe after all that snow it reached 70 today, omg, cleveland weather!!!! Howdy all

12/18/12 10:18 PM #47    

Glenn Dombos

Just wanted to wish everyone in the Bedford Senior High School Class of "69" a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  May it bring you long life, good health, fond memories and happiness throughout the year!!

02/02/14 09:52 AM #48    

Kathy Mills

Just wanted to let people know that Robert M. Thomas (who taught 8th-grade history at Moody) died a few days ago. His obituary is posted in today's Plain Dealer:

I worked with Mr. Thomas's brother-in-law for a number of years and kept in touch with him now and then. The last time I saw him was at my mother's funeral in 2011; Mr. Thomas worked at Johnson-Romito's part-time. He remained the smart, funny guy that many of us knew back in junior high.

02/02/14 11:50 AM #49    

Kathy Mills

Hey there, Sandy. Robbie Thomas taught history, but both you and I were in his homeroom class. I sat behind you and signed your report cards by forging your mother's name. What criminals we were! I think Mr. Thomas was suspicious, but he never said anything.

02/02/14 12:24 PM #50    

Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

wow, girl you got one heck of a memory!!  i had him confused this morning with Mr. Phillips the math teacher, but now that i had 2 cups of caffeine, i got the  memory right!   hope to see you at the reunion,  the date has been set for a weekend in September, the 19 thru 21

03/16/14 09:05 PM #51    

Carl Polisena

Just to let everyone know there will be a golf outing not only  reunion weekend but on July 26, 2014 at Raccoon Hills . First tee time will be at 11:00. Let me know if your interested so I can have enough tee times. I'm expecting a pretty good crowd. So please let me know.

Thanks Carl

03/17/14 07:35 AM #52    

Lynn Spitalsky (Rhoad)

Hey Carl...count Howard in...

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