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10/05/19 01:42 PM #7    


Barbara Berger (Turvey)

It was such a wonderful time to reconnect with those you knew well and especially wonderful to connect with those you knew casually, or maybe did not know at all!

Had interesting conversations with everyone about where they landed in life and am grateful to the Committee for their tenacity to keep us together all of these years. I love you all.

10/06/19 07:41 PM #8    

Chris Heston

Dear Friends,

First off, yeah I know I'm late to the fest but thanks to everyone who did anything on our committee, at the very least we owe y'all a debt of  gratitude, you've been carrying water for us a good while and for that I thank you!

There was this fellow....

Who lived in Houston many years ago by the name-a Gus Wortham. Dude was a mover & a shaker before that was even in our lexicon, had several big cattle ranches, helped build the Astrodome and started one of the biggest insurance companies in town among many other enterprises. He was also responsible for quite a few of what you could call, I dunno, for the lack of a better term, bourgeoisie-redneck sayings. One in particular- "You could go to El Paso with him." Effen ya don't know it El Paso is a long, long, 800 miles and for the most part really boring drive, so I'm thinking what Gus meant by that, he was describing someone who you wouldn't mind spending quite a lot of time with.

But of course! On to the reunion. First, we gathered in Sirnas just like we did for the 10th, when lo and behold after a few beers we realized we didn’t hate each other after all. We really have a special group of friends! Boy goshdarn haawdee it was wall to wall! Though some of us have grown a bit more refined over the years, there's some things that haven’t changed much. Well, our waistlines and hair maybe. That, and the price of paint has gone up. 


I remember hearing one good story (that I won't repeat) and sayin, "When did you do all that stuff?" The reply? ‘In my dreams.’ (We all laughed but I don’t think he was kidding.) Someone else told me "You’ve come a long ways since Bedford High!" Yeppers, about 1400 miles. I have to say I'm blessed to still have a lot of friends and fun here. Years ago I told my kids that, well, yes I did ride horses here in Ohio, which of course is true. I still feel at home here, and it feels great though our paths don’t cross near as much. How are ya doin?’ Are you working or having fun? Well a little bit of both. Had as much fun here as anywhere and that’s saying a lot.

I tried, I really did try getting to as many of 'youse guys' as I could! I think it was Tim that announced this was the last big reunion. Well maybe so, but if another is ever planned, and I don't have to crawl through too many miles of charded glass, I'd suit up and show up. There was a song a long while back that said "There's a whole lotta things I ain't never done, but I ain't never had too much fun."

The women in our class. Oh my y'all still look as good as ever! Much better than us guys and we tried to step up our game best we could too!
Ironic that this happened in the autumn - fitting that.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave.

But of course I didn’t want this moment to go.

Yannow what though? I'd go to El Paso with any of y'all, and that's the truth. Thanks to all for being my friend.

Happy Trails, and of course as always, May God Bless,


10/09/19 03:53 PM #9    

Joanne Misejko (Worner)

What a fabulous time!!!  The Committee did an outstanding job!  I wish I could have split myself in half to attend every event!  I can't believe it's been 50 years since we graduated from BHS!  What a great class we have and what memories we all share.  I only wish every classmate could have attended.  It was so good seeing everyone who did attend.  The time just flew by and I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone there!  The memorial table was beautiful....I can't believe we lost so many of our friends.  May they all rest in peace.  It just shows you how precious and fragile life is.  I sure hope we all have the opportunity to get together in the near future.  I know it's a lot of work to organize an event such as this but, boy, was it ever worth it!!!  Again, Committee....what a FABULOUS job!!!  Thank you so much for your hard work!  I wish all of you the best of health and happiness and sure hope we cross paths again!  God bless!    Joanne Misejko-Worner



10/10/19 03:25 PM #10    

Lauren Greitzer


Just a little something I wrote years ago. Someone asked me to repost it here, so here it is, along with heartfelt gratitude. I still feel the same as I did when I wrote this years ago. Maybe even more after our 50th reunion. So many thanks to so many. You're honestly just the best.   




School Story:

I've heard it said that high school is "the best of times, the worst of times." 

Maybe I just got lucky, but for me, high school was one of the best times ever. 
Maybe I just got lucky and had the best friends ever. 
Maybe I just got lucky and graduated from the best high school ever, Bedford High School.
Maybe I just got lucky and graduated with the best class ever, the BHS Class of 1969.

But whatever else it was, or wasn't, it's history we shared.

What do I remember? 
A bzillion things. 
Small things.
Nothing things.
Each one special.
Especially as the years passed by.
Too quickly.
Life goes by in a blink.

Waking up every day glad to go to school to be with friends.
Laughing every single day until my face hurt. 
Being a part of something beyond myself.
Feeling the rhythm of the days.
Peeking through my mask.
Trying to be brave.
Knowing it all.
Not having a clue. 
Trying things on.
Seeing what fit.
Finding my way. 
Just like everybody else. 

If life is indeed a tapestry, every single memory, every single wild and crazy and lovely and wonderful experience, every friend and classmate I shared the experience with along my way to life, is a thread in that tapestry as sure as anything. 

And I am grateful. 

I'm grateful for having grown up in a time and a place with people that, even in the context of "the best of times, the worst of times," were amazing.

It all seems so idyllic to me now, I suppose, because the world, the Bedford we grew up in, probably doesn't even exist anymore. 

Is "The Post" even still there by the snack bar?
Is Gina's Pizza even still there?
Can 15 people still crowd into one booth? 
Is the Dairy Queen even still there?
Is Southgate even still there?
And if it is, does anybody even still "book the Gate?" 
Do they still paint The Rock in Metropolitan Park?
Do they still make Homecoming Floats? 
Are there still parents like Sandi Heck's who let us confiscate and overwhelm their yard to create our class float? 
Do they even still have Homecoming floats, and Parades, and Bonfires?
Do they even let you out of class for Pep Rallies?
Do the Bearcats still play and (frequently) lose to standing room only crowds of smitten fans on Friday nights who really didn't care if they won, or lost, so long as they played the game?
Are there even after the game dances?
Do guys roll around on the floor doing the 'Gator? 
Do they even have Animals?
Madras? Penny loafers? Kilt skirts? Knees socks? Saddle shoes? Button down shirts? Do people still yank that little dohicky off the backs of them?
Does anybody even have the good sense to wear all that fabulous black leather? 
Is there even a Harvest Hop when the girls asked the guys? Or is girls-ask-guys routine now? 
Do students make Spirit Chains out of gum wrappers for WIXY 1260AM Radio?
Is there a Student Senate? (I KNOW there could never be another Laurie Chun, President extraordinaire.)
Do Seniors still run around selling magazines?
Can you still join all those great clubs?
Has there ever been another teacher as devoted as Mrs. Stewart who willingly took a group of Aim for Spain'ers to Europe after Graduation?
Has there ever been a teacher as unexplainably, unjustifiably, unnecessarily, outrageously cranky and downright mean as Mr. Cullen? 
Is there still Band Camp?
Do they even still have that cool marching band? 
Is there still a Block B?
Are there still talented Thespians who perform so incredibly well?
An A Cappella Choir?
A Madrigal Singers?
A miracle worker like Mr. Shellhammer? 
Christmas Concerts?
Are they even allowed to sing, "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel," or is it deemed politically incorrect?  
Can they even carry real candles?
Do students write, produce, and direct a Spring Sing? 
Does anybody even sing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" anymore?
Has there ever been another clap of thunder and lightning at precisely the right moment at a BHS Graduation? (We ALL know there's never been another graduate who could strut the stage quite like our Clifford Parks.) 

The best of times?
The worst of times?
It seems to me my high school years were like ... bookends.

"Time it was,
And what a time it was,
It was ...
A time of innocence,
A time of confidences. 
Long ago ... it must be ...
I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories;
They're all that's left you." 

We ARE great.
We are FINE.
We're the Class of '69 ... 

Thanks for being a part of the journey.


10/10/19 05:59 PM #11    

Karen Elmo

BRAVO!! Well said, Lauren D Greitzer!

10/10/19 06:15 PM #12    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

Wow. Got goosies now!
Thank u Laurie

10/11/19 06:36 AM #13    

Bob Richardson

Thanks, Laurie. Loved it when I first read it. More special now after our 50th Reunion.

10/11/19 02:59 PM #14    


Heidi Wolske (Dugger)

Great poem, wonderful memories, Laur, loved this the first time around and it's still an oldie but a goodie! Sorry I didn't get to the 50th, but still love everyone, and continue to know we were blessed to be part of a class that is still great & fine! 

10/13/19 10:44 AM #15    

Kathy Winger (Baker)

Wow that was perfect!  Truely brought back a lot of great memories! Thank you for sharing.

10/22/19 10:37 AM #16    


Dan Marignoni

Love reading posts by Laurie and Chris....Keep em coming!


03/24/20 02:09 PM #17    

Frank Bright

Hey Everyone - Hope all is well with you and yours - especially now in these crazy times. We're at home during this outbreak of CV19 and following Governor DeWine's order to stay at home.  Caring for some grandchildren at least for now during the day.  Maintaining distance and not giving the virus people to infect (and thereby keeping the virus  alive) is so important.  Stay well. - Frank Bright - BHS'69


03/24/20 03:29 PM #18    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

thank you Frank...are you on our common yahoo email??  we have been chatting about this.  so far all is well with classmates and families, at least what i been hearing.  personally im going stir crazy, im so used to being on the go,, but grocery store only., ug.. this is scary for sure!  praying for it to be over and praying for America!!

love to all~~~~sandy



03/24/20 04:09 PM #19    


Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Spendiing my Covid-19 vacation in Chesapeake VA. The local library is having a "50 Book Challenge". I decided to read the complete  works of Ernest Hemingway.  I'm currently reading, "The Dangerous Summer" . This book is a descriptive narrative by Ernest during   1959.  Two "brothers-in-law" compete as bull-fighters in the heat of the spanish summer.  Hemingway  creates his last book, during his 60th summer.  Hey! the friggin' Gov'ner down heh, won't even open the gym for work'n out, argh!    How are YOU surviving this?

03/25/20 07:05 AM #20    

Howard Rhoad

Hi all...things good w/Howard & I. Busy w/my elderly parents but still a little stir crazy. We don't even have any projects around the house to keep us busy but trying to come up w/one!! Thankful that we're healthy & hoping you all stay the same!!

This too shall pass....but when??? Hang in there & be well as we are all in that "demographic" whatever that



03/25/20 10:16 AM #21    


Louise Hocevar (Vanek)

I received this today from Mary Ioannou who lives in Italy:

Hope to connect to my friends at a better moment. The virus epidemic is serious in Italy where I have my residence from 1973. I agree that my best school days (so many fabulous memories) were at Bedford High.

I have emailed and asked her to keep us posted on what is really happening near her.

In the meantime, Mark and I are hunkered down, self quarantining one day at a time in order to be able to stay with my 92 yr old dad at either his place or ours.  Our 'winter in FL' was cut short and we drove back before absolutely everything was shut down.  We found it difficult to enjoy the sun knowing we might get stuck there in a house with only bare minimum.  We are much less stressed being back home and finding all kinds of projects to keep us busy.  Spring and being able to work outside will be very welcoming this year.  

We are sure not liking the fact that we are "THAT" demographic of high risk, just due to our age.  I had high hopes that this year was going to be especially special since us 69-ers are turning 69 ! 

Hope you are all doing well during this very serious time.  Please stay safe!

03/25/20 10:38 AM #22    


Dan Marignoni

Wishing we could have seen many of you this weekend in Ft Myers. Maybe next  year!   Stay safe , practice social distancing and wash those hands (often)!  We will get through this....


How about today instead of worrying, being fearful, having anxiety you write a gratitude list?

1. I woke up today
2. I have a bed and roof over my head
3. I have running water and food in my fridge
4. I get coffee to start my day! 
5. I live in one of the best towns around
7. I live in paradise with great weather and abundant sunshine
8. I have friends and family who love me and I love as well
9. .....
10. ....

03/25/20 10:41 AM #23    

Judi LeLoup

Hey Everyone,

Although I see many of you on Facebook, or in our yahoo egroup, thought I'd chime in here also.

I'm laying low, working from home.  Only going out for necessities!  Funny how taking a ride to the "transfer station"  (the dump) is an exciting event at the moment.  And I will treasure them always:) 

Although no one is starting a renovation or new home right this minute, there are still some  who are preplanning and looking forward to when we can.  I guess I can give people a little something to keep their minds involved, in control of planning and thinking about the "what if's" we can accomplish in their new space, and definitely something to look forward to!

Hope all is well with my BHS classmates.  Stay home, stay connected, this too shall pass.



03/25/20 11:33 AM #24    

Pat Pfeifer (Albert)

We are living in Naples at least our weather is good. We are staying home but riding our bikes in the evening for some excersise. I was so disappointed about the Florida reunion being cancelled. I don't think I have seen any of my classmates in 50 years.


03/25/20 11:53 AM #25    

Donna Stusek

Hi All!  Hope everyone is staying healthy. I'm putting a lot of miles on my sneakers walking the dogs. Good for the heart and good for the soul. Starting to get outside in the garden areas as the weather warms up. There's enough to do to keep me out of trouble for a while.

I am a volunteer trumpeter for Bugles Across America. I play taps at military and law enforcement funerals. Ironically, due to quarantine and Covid-19 virus, the bugles have silenced because the funeral gatherings have ceased. These, indeed, are tough times for all.

Stay well.... God bless! 

03/26/20 10:42 AM #26    

Frank Bright

So glad folks are doing well in this crazy scary CV19 times.  My daughter has become an expert on Zoom and has had virtual pizza parties and "wine tasting" with friends via Zoom.  A friend of mine hosted an 8 couple virtual dinner party via Zoom.  And I thought it was only for work! :))  Wish I had bought stock in that a couple of months ago.  Getting a lot of walking done like many of us.  So glad we had our 50th in September before all of this.  And the Florida reunion was a great idea - maybe later.  We were going to be on a cruise next month - that's toast now as are all travel plans.  Chicago next week was also on the agenda for a cancer control meeting - now we're doing it virtually.  Hunker down is the "new normal" ( I hate that phrase - it's never associated with something good such as Hey! The new normal is that we're all rich and healthy!).  Stay well everyone and stay in touch as much as possible using all the technology available to us now.

03/26/20 12:02 PM #27    

Bob Richardson


Hope everyone is well.

Frank Bright mentioned Zoom. We did that a couple nights ago with our 3 kids and 7 grandkids. The grandkids kept talking over each other, making faces, and laughing at each other. It was fun to see and hear everyone (even tho we're all within an hour of each other), but ... Maybe next time we'll just do it just with adults.

I work with a country club in Naples, so I see what's hapopening there on a weekly basis. We were going to extend our mini class reunion a bit and see them, plus a cousin in Dunedin, and a couple of Deb;s friends nearby. Maybe next year for all of that.

Hospital volunteering is obviously put on hold. As is cardiac rehab. May have to venture outside and walk around the neighborhood, staying 6 feet from everybody else with the same idea.

Deb is deep cleaning the kitchen and laundry rooms. A bunch of stuff for the trash and our local thrift store.

Just before this crap started I began learning Scottish Gaelic online. (My 4th-great-grandfather, John Richardson, was born around 1770 in Roxburgh, Scotland.) And working a bit on our family tree.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Slàinte! (Cheers!)



03/27/20 08:57 AM #28    

Sarah Goldsmith (Clark)


Hi All,

I was really looking forward to the FL reunion but it will be something to look forward to next year. I've been working through this crisis at a retirement/health community in Sarasota. We're of course social distancing and the resident healthcare center has been shut down to all visitors for more than 2 weeks. Lot's of FaceTime and Skyping for the residents.
Thankfully, at home, we have 6 acres and live in a place with plenty of walking space available. Horses, dogs and cats for love and distraction. Staying as safe as possible. I hope everyone is taking this seriously but do something fun that brings you joy daily. Our age group has been through a lot of stuff through the years so hang tough. We are great, we are fine, we're the class of '69 👍🏼❤️💕. Love you all!!


03/29/20 06:32 PM #29    

Christine Paparone (Sembiante)

Hi Everyone!   It was terribly disappointing to have to cancel our Florida Reunion.  I kept thinking all weekend about where we would have been and what we would have been doing.  But, that said, thank goodness we canceled when we did.  It's hard to believe how much worse all the states are since that time.  We figure, next year at this time we will all be celebrating our 70th birthdays!   There is always a reason to party and celebrate, right?!  

Like Dan M. said, we are fortunate to be living in paradise.  AJ and I are keeping isolated, just going out when absolutely necessary.  I keep telling him, it's a good thing I like him!!!   This is real togetherness!   In our old community, we were so active, we were like two ships passing in the night.  We vowed that when we moved to our new neighborhood we were not going to get involved and that we would spend more time together.  Well, guess who got their wish!!!!  I apologize to everyone!!!   

Seriously, we are doing okay, but are heeding the warnings.  We walk and bike almost every day.  Up until our courts were shut down this past Monday, we were playing tennis and pickleball - just the two of us.  Shutting down the courts hurt.  Our new clubhouse was 3 days from a grand opening celebration - of course, it didn't open.   We are just staying positive...  As long as we stay healthy we will have a lot to look forward to - new neighbors, new amenities, time with our young grand nieces who live near our new home, and a BHS 51 year Florida reunion next March!  Stay healthy everyone!  Best class ever!!!   BHS Class of  '69!!!!     Truly GREAT AND FINE!

Christine (Chris Paparone) Sembiante

09/27/20 11:45 AM #30    


Jeff Miller

Just been to the Great Dismal Swamp in N.C. with my brother. It's about 10 miles away from Chesapeake. They've drained about 90% of it since George Washington surveyed the place over 250 years ago. Great place to hike,bike,kayak,kill mosquitoes,and avoid poisonous snakes. (Did I mention heat, mist, and humidity? it is a swell place). Finally finished my Covid-19 project. Have read 75 Ernest Hemingway stories, my favorite was "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber", irony drips. Down here I outlasted 3 fitness centers that succumbed to the pandemic. I stll walk a couple miles each day, and lift enough to keep my upper body strong. How y'all copin with covid? Any events planned near Bedford next year? Golf ? (I got a new putter!)

09/27/20 07:27 PM #31    


Sandy Shaia (Shimshock)

wow Jeff, you have some great energy for sure!!! love all you been doing, thank you for the update.  all is good here with me and family in Macedonia, no covid, knock on wood even tho my daughter works for cleveland clinic, i worry, but she is good... thank you and take care!!!!♥

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