Who's who in the Bedford Hall of Fame

Sue Ake Balogh, Class of 1969, businesswoman and community volunteer (Inducted March 2004)
Dennis Rongers, Class of ’69, elite special operations, U.S. Navy (Inducted April 2001)
Donna M. Stusek, Class of ’69, assistant chief, Ohio Division of Litter Prevention (Inducted April 1994:)

 And others you might remember:

Richard F. Carnevale, Class of ’67, football, basketball, golf  (Inducted April 1998)
Ron Maciejowski, Class of ’67, football, basketball  (Inducted October 1995)\
Lawrence C. Barrett, Class of ’67, football  (Inducted May 1997)
Marsha Waterbury, Class of ’67, stage and television actress (Inducted April 1991)
Dale Solly, class of ’67, television news anchor and reporter (Inducted April 1993)
Jeffrey L. Duber, Class of ’70, retired fire chief, City of Bedford (Inducted March 2000)
Michael Salupo, Class of ’70, football, wrestling, baseball (Inducted October 1995)
Michael F. Olszewski, Class of ’71, award-winning news anchor and reporter (Inducted April 1994)
Halle Berry, Class of ’84, movie actress (Inducted March 2000)
Francis “Bud” McNellie, Bedford High School football coach, 1966- 1974  (Inducted March 2000)
George Beshara, Bedford High School wrestling coach, 1946- 1967  (Inducted April 1998)
And look who's in watchin' the kids these days????

 TIM TENCH - President, Bedford Board of Education 
Tim Tench is the owner of Hands on Wellness, a massage therapy business. He is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. Mr. Tench is retired from the Cleveland Heights/ University Heights (CH/UH) School District, where he worked for 22 years as a tradesman. He retired in 2003. He also served as secretary and vice president of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees Chapter #617. Before joining CH/UH Schools, Mr. Tench worked for Warner and Swasey from 1973 to 1978, and during that time, was a committeeman and chief shop steward for the union. Mr. Tench served in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1971 to 1977. He is also a member of a band which has performed from Put-in-Bay to Key West. Mr. Tench was elected to the Board in November 2005. He is a life-long Bedford resident and a 1969 graduate of Bedford High School. During his senior year, he was 1st team all-conference, captain, and Most Valuable Player for the Bearcats Varsity baseball team. Mr. Tench's involvement with the Bedford City Schools includes being a member of a Strategic Planning Action Team in 2003, a member of the Bedford School District's Superintendent's Roundtable, and a trustee for the Bedford City Schools Foundation. He has two daughters, both graduates of Bedford High School. Stacey graduated in 1993 and Tesa, in 1999. Mr. Tench's term expires on December 31, 2009.



Famous Bedford Graduates


Inducted April 1991:
Rollie (Roland) Geiger , Class of ’66, university track coach
Laura J. Nosek, Ph.D. , R.N., Class of ’55, nursing administrator
Arie Parks Taylor , Class of ’45, lobbyist and consultant
Hilary S. Taylor , Class of ’63, lawyer
Tim Taylor , Class of ’61, television news anchor
Eric A. Wagner , Class of ’59, sociology professor
Thomas E. Wagner , Class of ’60, genetics researcher
Marsha Waterbury , Class of ’67, stage and television actress

Inducted April 1992:
James L. Catanzaro, Ph.D. , Class of ’54, college administrator
Mary Elizabeth Cowan, M.T. , Class of ’25, forensics specialist
George Alec Effinger , Class of ’65, science fiction writer
Harold G. Marshall, Ph.D. , Class of ’47, marine biologist and professor
Jesse L. Parks, Jr., Ph.D. , Class of ’41, civil rights activist and professor
Walter A. Tiburski , Class of ’65, radio executive

Inducted April 1993:
Nancy Evelyn Cooke , M.D., Class of ’66, human genetics researcher
James D. Gatts, M.D. , Class of ’48, scientist, inventor, research physician
Charles J. Hora , Jr., Ph.D., Class of ’61, president of a major chemical company
Richard J. Hora , Class of ’63, leading researcher on super- conducting magnets
Jack E. Maxwell , Class of ’44, leader in the automotive and manufacturing industries
Richard Miller , Class of ’45, retired chairman and CEO of a major electric company
Dale Solly , class of ’67, television news anchor and reporter
Mary Ellen Weber, Ph.D. , Class of ’80, astronaut

Inducted April 1994:
Jimmy Dimora , Class of ’73, city/county government official
Laraine Heck , Class of ’61, lumber company executive
Michael F. Olszewski , Class of ’71, award-winning news anchor and reporter
Tom Shipley , Class of ’59, award-winning producer/director and songwriter (“One Toke Over the Line”)
Alan R. Shons, M.D., Ph.D. , Class of ’56, plastic surgeon and university professor
Donna M. Stusek , Class of ’69, assistant chief, Ohio Division of Litter Prevention
Tony Zingale , Class of ’74, computer software executive

Inducted May 1995:
James Decker , Class of ’72, commander, U.S. Coast Guard
Edmund J. Romito , Class of ’60, president of a funeral home chain
Edward T. Hardy , Class of ’65, radio executive
Robert L. Rickelman, Ph.D. , Class of ’70, reading researcher and college professor
Wendy L. Weagraff Stuhldreher , Ph.D., Class of ’70, research nutritionist and college professor

Inducted May 1996:
Sam Ake , Class of ’62, president of local businesses
Peter J. Junkin , Class of ’65, municipal court judge
Frank B. Krause, III , Class of ’41, civil engineer
Richard Manning , Class of ’71, television writer/producer
Terra Redus Brantley , Class of ’82, television news anchor and reporter
Richard J. (Dick) Squire , Class of ’32, local historian

Inducted May 1997:
Lt. David A. Klaase , Class of ’83, “Top Gun” Naval aviator
Raymond Nesbit , Class of ’30, leading wildlife conservationist
Rico F. Pallotta , Ph.D., Class of ’40, special education administrator
Jean Peters , Class of ’70, investor relations communicator
Christopher Valley , Class of ’75, police detective

Inducted April 1998:
Shirley A. Balogh , Class of ’66, President & CEO, Polk Co. (Fla.) Assn. for Handicapped Citizens
Lawrence P. Kennard , Class of ’64, financial planner
Bradley K. Kozar , Class of ’76, medical marketing executive
Mizell Steward, III , Class of ’83, reporter, editor, and book author
Carol Vystrcil Scott , Class of ’55, artist
Dennis Winger , Class of ’65, advocate for the disabled
Katherine L. Wisner , M.D., Class of ’70, researcher in women’s mental health

Inducted March 1999:
Roger W. Adams , Class of ’47, paint industry executive
Kimberlyn Drayton Black , Class of ’88, naval officer
James M. Krause, M.D. , Class of ’64, internist
Russell M. Peterson , Class of ’87, world-renowned saxophone player and college instructor
Dennis Santoli , Class of ’63, lawyer and health insurance company executive

Inducted March 2000:
Halle Berry , Class of ’84, movie actress
Harry Chambers , Class of ’64, public speaker, trainer, and author
Jeffrey L. Duber , Class of ’69, retired fire chief, City of Bedford
Robert B. Tannehill , M.D., Class of ’47, retired pediatrician

Inducted April 2001:
Rev. Edward T. Estok, Jr. , Class of ’76, administrative assistant to the Bishop
Dennis Rongers , Class of ’69, elite special operations, U.S. Navy
Daniel T. Taussig , Class of ’46, executive, graphic arts industry
Peter A. Zimmerman , Ph.D., Class of ’74, human genetics researcher

Inducted March 2002:
Deborah Erdos Knapp , Class of ’75, college professor
Carl J. Scharfenberg , Class of ’53, vice president, worldwide horticultural firm
Claude E. Weagraff , Class of ’42, teacher, administrator, Board of Education member

Inducted March 2003:
C. William Cosgrove , Class of ’81, President & CEO, mortgage- banking company
Rochelle Sears May , Class of ’86, Flight Software Engineer, NASA
Col. David D. Phillips , Class of ’76, Colonel, U.S. Army
Daniel S. Pocek , Class of ’63, Mayor, City of Bedford
Robin L. Polack (Boggs) , Class of ’81, Senior V.P., women’s clothing company
Dr. Tracy L. Ringo , Class of ’88, physician, U.S. army officer

Inducted March 2004:
Garth E. McAdoo , Class of 1950, real estate executive
Ruth Beaumont Cook , Class of 1962, civil war book author and corporate trainer in business writing
Richard E. Perry , Class of 1990, school administrator and missionary in Botswana, Africa
Ron Richer , Class of 1965, biomedical engineer
Sue Ake Balogh , Class of 1969, businesswoman and community volunteer
Dennis D. Blackburn , Class of 1960, Bedford High School principal

Inducted April 2005:
James V. Chambers, Ph.D. , Class of 1953, food science expert and college professor.
James "Dell" Judd , Class of 1975, insurance and financial services consultant
Dr. Robert (Bob) Skillicorn , Class of 1961, periodontist and college dental instructor

Inducted March 2006
Richard Bell , Class of 1945, retired college law professor
John E. Chambers ,Class of 1954, Colonel, retired, U.S. Air Force
Thomas A. Iannetta, A.T.,C. C.S.C.S. ,Class of 1983, Athletic Trainer<
Julius S. (Jay) Kerekes , Class of 1939, vice president – WEWS-TV5
Gregory L. King , Class of 1985, Director of Major Gifts (fundraising), Mt. Union College
Philip D. Switz , Class of 1983, caterer and restaurant owner

Inducted March 2007
Billy Donato , Class of 1975, Las Vegas entertainer
Gregory A. Duber, Sr. ,Class of 1974, Bedford police chief
Kenneth F. Keslar ,Class of 1977, Air Force colonel
David A. Kikel , Class of 1964, Washington D.C. Attorney
Dr. Angilique Pilar Redus-McCoy , Class of 1993, pediatrician
Darrin M. Redus, Sr. , Class of 1984, banking executive
Evelyn Mayor Sawastuk , Class of 1946, Bedford Board of Education member and volunteer
Ann M. Walter , Class of 1992, New York fashion designer
Lynne Yurko, R.N., B.S.N., C.N.A., B.C. , Class of 1971, Burn Center nurse manager

Inducted April 2008
Bryan L. Fredericks , Class of 1977, Las CEO, cardiology group
Ioanna Zisi Giatis Kessler, DO ,Class of 1991, family physician and medical director
Roger Mason Fuhrmeyer ,Class of 1951, retired art teacher and local artist
Diamond Miller Lewis , Class of 1997, TV news director and anchor
Elizabeth McNellie , Class of 1982, Columbus attorney
Kevin Nietert , Class of 1982, South Euclid police chief

Inducted March 2009:
Cynthia Mazer-Druckenbrod , Class of 1988, Horticulturalist, Cleveland Botanical Gardens
George Albro Warp , Class of 1931, University of Minnesota public affairs professor

Inducted March 2010:
Arline Burks Gant , Class of 1971, owner/director/producer & award-winning costume designer
Martha A. (Romito) Motsco, Esq., Class of 1961, retired Bedford City Schools superintendent


Inducted October 1993:
Elmer H. Flick , baseball, 1963 inductee, National Baseball Hall of Fame
Albert DeLoreto , Class of ’37, track, football, baseball, basketball
Alfred F. Giunto , Class of ’40, track, football, baseball, basketball
John Biltz , Class of ’45, track, football, basketball
Tracy Toaz Kirsh , Class of ’82, swimming

Inducted October 1994:
Richard (Dick) Squire , Class of ’32, track
John Loeffler , Class of ’61, football
Robert Balogh , Class of ’62, football, basketball
Rollie Geiger , Class of ’66, track, basketball, cross-country, university track coach
Patrick Collins , Class of ’82, baseball
Sam Hott , BHS baseball coach, 1928-1953
Jim Rose , BHS basketball coach (16 years) and Bedford Schools’ Athletic Director, 1960-1985

Inducted October 1995:
Mike Daugherty , Class of ’72, basketball, football, baseball
Russell Horky , Class of ’37, football, baseball, basketball, track
Robert (Bob) Martin , Class of ’59, baseball, basketball
Joseph Santora , Class of ’61, football, basketball, baseball
Michael Salupo , Class of ’70, football, wrestling, baseball
Anita White Evans , Class of 82, volleyball, basketball, track
Ron Maciejowski , Class of ’67, football, basketball
James Phillippi , Class of ’61, football, basketball, track

Inducted May 1997:
Roosevelt Barnes , Class of ’71, basketball
Lawrence C. Barrett , Class of ’67, football
Stephen W. Kerlin , Class of ’51, football and wrestling
Judith McRitchie-Moore , Class of ’79, swimming

Inducted April 1998:
George Beshara , Bedford High School wrestling coach, 1946- 1967
Richard F. Carnevale , Class of ’67, football, basketball, golf
Robert Loeffler , Class of ’58, baseball, and Bedford High School baseball coach, 1963-1995
Mitchell M. Gerycz , Class of ’78, basketball and baseball, high school basketball coach

Inducted March 1999:
Karen Burkle Pace , Class of’81, track and cross country
Stephanie Fleming Dolejs , Class of “86, basketball, girls’ basketball coach
David Henderson , Class of ’35, football, basketball, baseball; high school and college coach; university athletic department administrator

Inducted March 2000:
Francis “Bud” McNellie , Bedford High School football coach, 1966- 1974
Joseph V. Mestnik , Class of ’61, state wrestling champ, wrestling, football, track

Inducted April 2001:
Graham Coghill , Class of ’61, high school wrestling coach
Richard Edge, Sr. , Class of ’63, football, wrestling, track

Inducted March 2002:
Eric Beverly , Class of ’92, player, National Football League

Inducted March 2003:
Timothy Adam Kerlin , Class of ’54 state wrestling champ, teacher, and coach

Inducted March 2004:
James M. Kucera , Class of 1955, two-time state wrestling champ

Inducted April 2005:
Jim Hodakievic , BHS Head Football Coach, 1982-2004
Gordon Kimberly , BHS Head Boys' Track Coach, 1986-'03, Head Boys' Cross Country Coach, 1974-'88
Florence Esogbue-Johnson , Class of 1982, BHS record-holder in track and state finals participant
Melissa (Sorensen) Andrews , Class of 1994, BHS record-holder in swimming and track

Inducted March 2006:
Mike Kovach ,Class of 1966, BHS baseball and football player and Athletic Administrator
Sean E. Williams , Class of 1994, BHS track and football star and former Kansas City Chief

Inducted March 2007:
Jerome "Doc" Taylor , Class of 1996, basketball star

Inducted April 2008:
Anthony Byrd , Class of 1995, football, NFL player (New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals)
Nicole Renee Jackson , Class of 1982, volleyball, basketball, and track; state track qualifier

Inducted March 2009:
Michael B. Auerbach , Class of 1992, state wrestling champion
William J. Ennemoser , Class of 1968, state wrestling champion

Inducted March 2010:
Randy Cumley , Class of 1986, high school and college football standout
Carson P. Nietert , Class of 1959, three-year letterman in football, baseball, & basketball


Chris Chambers , Class of ’97, player, National Football League
Lee Evans , Class of ’99, player, National Football League

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